• Increasing job skills training and educationTo help put Oregonians back to work, Jeff Barker is working hard to increase job skills for people looking for new or better jobs.
  • Strengthening public educationThe Great Recession has reminded us just how important education is to Oregon's future. Jeff Barker's priorities include reducing class sizes and ending teacher layoffs.
  • Keeping our community safeAs a former police officer, public safety has always been a priority for Jeff Barker. That's why Jeff has voted for tougher penalties for sex offenses, drunk driving, and identity theft.
Increasing job skills training and education1 Strengthening public education2 Keeping our community safe3


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for visiting my web site.

The last few years have presented some serious challenges for our community and our state.

That’s why I value your input so much as Oregon moves our economy – and our state-- forward.

If you ever want to talk about the best way to strengthen our schools, create jobs, or tackle any of the other challenges we’re facing today, then please email me at info@jeffbarker.org or call me at 503-649-1767.


Jeff Barker


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